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At Security Systems we understand the confusion faced by people throughout Melbourne when looking for the right CCTV system. Our 25 years experience in the security industry has seen us install a myriad of home alarms, security monitoring & CCTV security systems for commercial and residential customers throughout metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria.

  • Burglar Alarm System
  • Perimeter Alarms
  • Access Control Installation
  • Intercom System
  • CCTV Cameras

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Why you need a home CCTV system in Melbourne

Protect the things that matter most with home CCTV by Security Systems.

Home CCTV systems have come a long way in recent years. Homeowners can now keep an eye on their property from anywhere in real-time with a state-of-the-art commercial grade CCTV camera package from Security systems.

Modern surveillance cameras for the home provide the convenience of remote monitoring combined with technological advances that allow for all-weather CCTV in every kind of Australian home.

Technological advances have also increased the popularity of using Cloud-based CCTV.

Why you need a home CCTV system Why Have a CCTV Security Camera System?

Home CCTV systems are the first line of defence against burglaries, break-ins, property damage and sleepless nights away from home.

  • Effective burglar deterrent
  • Motion and thermal detection
  • Colour in darkness
  • Remote monitoring with instant alerts
  • Protect your family day and night
  • Simple to use smartphone app
  • Safer home environments
  • Irrefutable proof for insurance claims
  • Peace of mind

Combined home CCTV and alarm systems provide complete protection where you need it most. Deter against break-ins, receive instant alerts when an alarm is triggered, and monitor your home in real-time all through your smartphone, with options for reactive cameras with pre-recording voice deterrents and flashing LED lights your house has never been safer.

Custom home CCTV system from Security Systems

We understand every home has unique security needs. If you can’t find a solution that works for you in the packages above, contact us to talk to a home security expert about what is best solution for you.

We can design, install and upgrade surveillance cameras for your home based on your needs and budget. What matters to us is keeping your family protected.

CCTV Cloud solutions

Gone are the days of overwriting or losing security footage. Now you have all the security you need, in the palm of your hand.

  • Protect against NVR/DVR theft, failure/tampering or theft
  • Access, download and share footage any time
  • Works on your home WiFi network
  • Real-time CCTV camera access from anywhere
  • Artificial intelligence added to existing cameras
  • Motion and event alerts
  • Secure off-site file storage
  • User-friendly smartphone app
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Using the edge and cloud based artificial intelligence along with the intuitive mobile app, you can set up motion detection alerts for human and car detection only massively limiting false events by up to 99% only receiving the notifications that actually matter! Download and share videos with ease, no more sitting and going through hours of footage, and access stored videos for much longer than on-site NVR systems allow. There are two options for CCTV cloud storage:

  1. Direct to the cloud
  2. Combined cloud and local recorder

NVR and cloud storage combined can be a good option for upgrading existing systems without any hassle. Linking your existing CCTV system to cloud storage can take as little as a few minutes. Our NVR cloud storage adapter is easily compatible with installed Hikvision and Dahua systems, meaning we can have it installed and operational in no time.

For new CCTV installations, or where video can’t be stored on-site for safety and security reasons, you can choose to record directly to the cloud using smart IP cameras.



IP stands for Internet Protocol. An IP camera is a digital video system that can transmit data over a network. These systems work with mobile devices so that you can view your security feed from anywhere with an Internet connection. IP cameras may also be referred to as network cameras or webcams.

In a traditional security system, data is transmitted through a cable to a DVR (digital video recorder). With an IP camera, the Internet is used to transmit digital video. The unit contains everything it needs to do this. It’s connected to your network much like other external IT equipment like a printer. To store video, your IP camera may contain storage in-unit or it may transmit video to a device also connected to the network to be stored, also known as a network video recorder (NVR). Digital cameras and IP cameras capture images the same way, although the transmission method is different. Your quality won’t be compromised with an IP camera—in fact, the resolution is better.

You can use either a physical router for your network (wired) or a WiFi connection (wireless). Wired networks tend to be more secure and reliable, although WiFi is easier, it leads to the increased need for security. Surveillance Secure can help you encrypt these networks and customize a wireless network to minimize chances of any problems with a WiFi setup. You may also choose to use a cellular network, which tends to be safer than WiFi, but also slower. Surveillance Secure can discuss your options with you to determine which one would be best for your custom setup and security needs.

CCTV & Alarm Systems in Melbourne

Security camera installation (CCTV and IP), back to base monitoring, and alarm installation Melbourne businesses and homeowners trust to keep their property safe and secure.

Get a no-obligation free quote or give us a call on 1300 610 056 today to turn your business or home into a safe and secure haven.

Alarm Systems

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Gone are the days of asking for a “Standard Security Alarm System”. Everyone has completely different needs when it comes to home security and it is our task to make sure you receive the best Melbourne Home Alarm Systems for your needs.

CCTV Systems

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We are experts in security cameras& can provide you the latest HD CCTV systems forultimate clarity. All of our installation crews are Police Licensed Security Professionals and take the time and care necessary on site to ensure that our security cameras installations go in without a hitch and complement rather than detract from the look of your property.


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Security Systems are installing smart video intercoms and wireless intercom phones that link directly with building security, alarm systems, access control devices and even smart home systems.

Access Control

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With one of our state-of-the-art control systems for your office or business, you are leveraging the very latest advances in security technology to your direct benefit, and are able to enjoy the peace of mind and convenience, that only a safe and highly secure access control system can provide you with.

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