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At Security Systems we understand the confusion faced by people throughout Melbourne when looking for the right intercom system. Our 25 years experience in the security industry has seen us install a myriad of home alarms, security monitoring & intercom systems for commercial and residential customers throughout metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria.

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Why you need a home intercome system in Melbourne

Protect the things that matter most with an intercom system by Security Systems.

With a home intercom system, keeping an eye on your home is as simple as a few taps on your smartphone. You can even answer the door without leaving your couch or from the other side of the world.

There are a wide variety of home intercom systems available to suit every home and budget. Whether you want a standalone intercom doorbell or fully integrated home security system, Security Systems can get you set up in no time.

All our home intercom systems are tailor-made to suit your budget and needs. We recommend getting in touch before you start building a new home, to avoid the cost of retrofitting an intercom doorbell. But we are always able to supply and install a solution for your home, including freestanding wireless intercoms and the latest video doorbells.


Benefits of a Home Intercom System Your security, your way.

Home intercoms are a security device, smart home helper, concierge and productivity tool all wrapped into one sleek device.

  • View front door
  • Greet visitors
  • Have a visitor log/missed call log to your home
  • Communicate without opening the door
  • Remotely unlock or lock the door
  • Allow deliveries when you are away
  • Call for emergency help
  • Controlled through a smartphone app

Upgrading an existing system

An upgraded video intercom system will bring your home into the 21st century and become an integral feature of your broader smart home system. Video intercoms are the popular choice for homeowners who want more control over who they allow into their home, a visual of the front gate, and remote access control.

Some of the intercom doorbells we supply connect to the internet so you can even answer your door when you’re away from home. All you need is a smartphone and the right app; we can talk you through the rest.

Why Do You Need an Intercom System?

Have you ever shouted across your house or business and have been frustrated by the lack of response? 

Therein lies the benefit of an intercom system.

An intercom system allows you to communicate instantly with your guest at the push of a button. Once you experience the perks of an intercom system – you'll wonder how you lasted so long without one.

Here are just a few of the benefits people experience with intercoms:

  • Call for additional help with clients in your shop
  • Keep you from running up or downstairs just to tell your children dinner is ready (for the 17th time)
  • Tell someone in your store's backroom to bring inventory out the front
  • Call your wife out of the bathroom to tell her her friends to have arrived
  • Use as a baby monitor to check-in on a child or baby’s room to make sure they're safe

These are just a few use cases for intercom systems.

If you're ever in need of quick communication around the house – an intercom system can help.

What type of intercom system are you looking for?

Intercom systems come in a range of styles and prices depending on what they can offer you.  
The main types of intercom are:
  • Audio Only Intercom
  • Wireless video Intercom
  • Wired video Intercom - 2 wire
  • Wired video Intercom - IP
  • Wired video intercom with phone application 
The range starts with an audio only intercom, which is a single step up from a doorbell as you can't actually see who is at your front door.
The benefit of a wireless intercom is that they are generally well priced,  battery powered and very easy to install. This makes them perfect for existing homes where cabling is no longer possible.
Wired Intercoms provide the most robust and long term solution and also the most features.  The most advanced are our IP intercoms, which often include a phone application for use when you're not home.
Intercom System Melbourne 05

If you're looking for an intercom system for your Melbourne property, you've come to the right place, We have knowledge of every popular intercom brand and can point out the subtle differences to help you choose the most suitable video intercom system for your home or business.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked question for almost any type of security system is about wired vs. wireless solutions. There are pros and cons to each, so it’s up to you to decide which is best for your unique needs.

Typically, wireless solutions are simpler to install and manage. They have fewer parts (no wires) and can be installed in just about any building. Since they use radio waves to communicate, the distance between speakers can cause connectivity issues. Wireless systems are best for small properties that need a simple intercom solution.

Wired solutions are considered more reliable and secure, especially over long distances. If you need an intercom system for a large building, multiple buildings, or on an exterior gate, a wired system will give you unmatched reliability over vast distances.

There are a wide variety of intercom systems on the market, so providing a blanket cost estimate for every property is impossible. The cost of installing an intercom system will depend on three things:

  • Equipment – The cost of the physical equipment like the intercom speakers themselves. Typically, the more high-tech and feature-laden your intercom system is, the more expensive it’ll be. The number of intercom units will also affect the price.

  • Installation – Hiring a professional to install your intercom system is always a good idea. The factor that will impact installation costs the most will be whether you choose a wired or wireless system. Wired systems need to be hardwired into your property, which requires a lot more work—and money.

  • Maintenance – This is the cost of keeping your system running. Some intercom systems come with a monthly subscription fee for cloud, monitoring, or connectivity services. Wireless systems will also need battery changes occasionally.

Everyone knows that intercom systems allow people to talk between rooms with the push of a button, but what else can they do? If you want to make the most of your intercom system, choose features that fit your needs. Here are some of the most popular intercom system features:

  • Video calling

  • Internet connectivity

  • Remote access

  • Group calling

  • Noise cancellation

Of these features, video intercoms are by far the most requested. They let you both hear and see people in other rooms and can even act as a security camera in a pinch.

CCTV & Alarm Systems in Melbourne

Security camera installation (CCTV and IP), back to base monitoring, and alarm installation Melbourne businesses and homeowners trust to keep their property safe and secure.

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Alarm Systems

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Gone are the days of asking for a “Standard Security Alarm System”. Everyone has completely different needs when it comes to home security and it is our task to make sure you receive the best Melbourne Home Alarm Systems for your needs.

CCTV Systems

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We are experts in security cameras& can provide you the latest HD CCTV systems forultimate clarity. All of our installation crews are Police Licensed Security Professionals and take the time and care necessary on site to ensure that our security cameras installations go in without a hitch and complement rather than detract from the look of your property.


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Security Systems are installing smart video intercoms and wireless intercom phones that link directly with building security, alarm systems, access control devices and even smart home systems.

Access Control

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With one of our state-of-the-art control systems for your office or business, you are leveraging the very latest advances in security technology to your direct benefit, and are able to enjoy the peace of mind and convenience, that only a safe and highly secure access control system can provide you with.

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