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At Security Systems we understand the confusion faced by people throughout Melbourne when looking for the right security access control system. Our 25 years experience in the security industry has seen us install a myriad of home alarms, security monitoring & intercom systems for commercial and residential customers throughout metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria.

  • Burglar Alarm Systems
  • Perimeter Alarms
  • Access Control Installation
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  • CCTV Cameras

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Premium Building Access Control Provider

Building Access Control Systems that protect your business property with state of the art security products and solutions.

We provide a range of high performing Access Control Systems for commercial properties for both the retail and business sectors in Melbourne. Incorporating end-to-end Access Control Systems and integrating with Alarm and CCTV monitoring is an effective way to enhance your existing security systems. We have an established industry reputation for providing premium Access Control and security solutions and customer service that sets the industry standard.

Our Access Control Systems cater for every commercial property including residential properties and small businesses to high-end commercial buildings. Most of our Access Control products feature biometrics, card and wireless key fob credentials that are double encrypted with digital IP technology- this enables you to have the highest levels of Commercial security available for your business providing an audit trail for months to identify people and movement throughout your properties.

Benefits of Access Control Systems in Your Buildings and Organisation Your security, your way.

  • Reduce vandalism with visible signs acting as a deterrent
  • Significantly reduce employee theft with the knowledge of access being recorded an audit trail
  • Stop the incidence of Unauthorised access out of hours reducing theft and shop lifting
  • reduction in break and enters due to the higher level of Access Controlled door security.
  • Provide your organization with an Audit Trail of the evidence it needs for any important litigation
  • Can reduce the incidents of work health and safety claims by restricting access to areas that may include construction zones or areas that are at risk of slips, trips, falls, breaks, threats and intrusion
  • Access Controlled Time Zones allows programing of the building or workplace for allowing flexible workplace arrangements including controlled access on weekends and Public Holidays.
  • Ability to provide Integration with CCTV without costly patrols and alarm response personnel on the premises
  • Assist in determining the cause of and minimising compensation claims
  • Monitoring of employees can assist employees in ways to improve productivity and ways to improve safety, thus making a more efficient and safer workplace for all
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory obligations in industries such as the financial services sector and liquor and gaming industries.

Access Control Systems Melbourne

Installing an access control system for your office or business can offer many advantages, including customisable access control for each user, history logging, remote access capabilities, lower overall exposure to risk by eliminating physical keys, and reduced likelihood of break-ins occurring due to the degree of difficulty involved in duplicating electronic keys.

As a result, these are now a common sight in many businesses, and Security Systems, a leading provider of access control systems in Melbourne, has an excellent product range to offer business owners looking to take their security to the next level of sophistication.

With one of our state-of-the-art control systems for your office or business, you are leveraging the very latest advances in security technology to your direct benefit, and are able to enjoy the peace of mind and convenience, that only a safe and highly secure access control system can provide you with.


Access control systems allow you to restrict and permit access to spaces or systems in order to protect your staff and assets. Individuals are able to gain access by providing credentials and authentication to prove their identity. Authentication can take the form of something that is known by the individual (PIN number, password), something that is physical to the user (finger print, eye scan) or something that belongs to the user (key card, fob).

Access control can be used to meet OHS requirements for offices, warehouses, factories, manufacturing, and other commercial building’s facility management needs. Our systems can be used for both internal access between offices and external entry/exit points.

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  • Using cloud based technology for programming and monitoring, coupled with local door controllers and cameras to provide real time monitoring and reporting.

  • Door entry/exit with Integrated CCTV camera systems which allows live viewing when an event occurs such as a door access.

  • Server-less technology which allows the facility management to be run in the cloud, stored offsite in a secure and reliable data centre, thus minimizing IT overhead to have costly infrastructure located on site.

  • Guest entry Kiosks which allow guests to electronically register themselves with their phone or a tag which will allow them access to certain parts of the building, as well as for safety should a fire or event occur, all people can be accounted for on an electronic tag board.

  • Messaging to phones registered to guests and access control users to notify of events and alarms.

  • Rapid deployment using a scalable plug and play architecture.

  • Magnetic locks and door strike entry systems.

  • Emergency push to exit and glass break installation.


Access control can be applied to both physical security solutions as well as logical ones. The access control system permits only authorized personnel to enter the building or system. The system does this with a password protection system or for a physical system, a key card or fob is utilized. These fobs can be controlled remotely to be activated or deactivated.

Access control provides a range of solutions to businesses that need to control who accesses their systems. They provide added security from physical keys, although you will still be able to utilize physical keys should you need to do so. Electronic keys are virtually impossible to replicate and you won’t have to worry about losing your keys as every key is programmed with a unique code that can be replicated by the provider if lost or stolen. Your old key will then be deactivated and rendered useless.

Another benefit of access control systems is that you’ll be able to set days and times that each user is able to access the building and even customize locations that your employees can access. Access control makes security easy and customizable for everyone that needs to be on site.

You’ll also be able to record who accessed your building and when. All of this data is recorded and you’ll be able to access it at any time. This data is particularly useful for times when security breaches, theft, or other suspicious activity occurs.

Access control systems begin with a consultation with us at Surveillance Secure. Hardware will be needed for physical access systems, including card or fob readers, door switches, and a control panel. The control panel is integral to the system and controls all the different access points of the building. Access control systems are versatile and can grow with your business, so if you need a bigger system, simply integrate a new control panel.

The server of the system will have all the users in a database, which allows for customization of access times and locations. When the card is introduced to the reader, a frequency is read by the controller and the user is verified through the database. If verified, the door will unlock. If not, the controller registers the breach and the proper monitors will be notified.

CCTV & Alarm Systems in Melbourne

Security camera installation (CCTV and IP), back to base monitoring, and alarm installation Melbourne businesses and homeowners trust to keep their property safe and secure.

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Alarm Systems

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Gone are the days of asking for a “Standard Security Alarm System”. Everyone has completely different needs when it comes to home security and it is our task to make sure you receive the best Melbourne Home Alarm Systems for your needs.

CCTV Systems

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We are experts in security cameras& can provide you the latest HD CCTV systems forultimate clarity. All of our installation crews are Police Licensed Security Professionals and take the time and care necessary on site to ensure that our security cameras installations go in without a hitch and complement rather than detract from the look of your property.


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Security Systems are installing smart video intercoms and wireless intercom phones that link directly with building security, alarm systems, access control devices and even smart home systems.

Access Control

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With one of our state-of-the-art control systems for your office or business, you are leveraging the very latest advances in security technology to your direct benefit, and are able to enjoy the peace of mind and convenience, that only a safe and highly secure access control system can provide you with.

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