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Take more responsibility for your safety

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    Which aspects of your lives are most crucial? Theft can seriously compromise a person's access to life's necessities such as food, drink, cash, housing, safety, and more.

    Aside from providing shelter from the elements, a house, as the indefinite abode of an individual or family, should also feel secure.

    Put forth your best effort, we're going to be looking at some data that requires your full focus.

    To enter a building with the intent to commit a felony or theft is what the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) division calls a burglary.They went on to say that a crime could be considered burglary even if no entry was forced.

    In addition, an act of attempted forced entry may constitute burglary.

    In 2011, burglary victims reportedly incurred a cumulative loss of roughly $8.4 billion USD, according to reports. If you do the math that's a huge amount.

    Since then, there has been an uptick in burglary crimes; the current rate, compounded with rising levels of fear, is frightening to contemplate.

    Furthermore, it is interesting to note that around 75% of all burglaries occur in residential properties.


    Personal responsibility for safety is about all of us, working safely, and caring for the safety of our colleagues, family, friends and everyone else we come into contact with and always intervening when we observe unsafe behaviors or conditions.

    Not your job, not your partner, not your kids. You are the only one who is truly responsible. Your attitude will determine your results in safety. In every moment of every day, you are faced with a decision: to do what is in front of you either safely or unsafely.

    Taking responsibility for your own actions is important in your relationships with your loved ones and with yourself. Internally, acknowledging the effects of your behavior and choices boosts self-respect, improves mental health, and builds a sense of control over your life.

    Business owners and employers hold the most responsibility when it comes to workplace health and safety. They are legally required to keep their employees and anyone who might be affected by their business safe from harm, including customers, visitors to the workspace, temporary workers and contractors.

    It means taking the time to recognize the hazard(s) and taking the appropriate steps to protect yourself, your fellow workers, family and friends. Everyone should develop the habit of thinking about safety during a work shift, on the way home, at home or on vacation.

    As a result, our homes are prime targets for the people who commit these crimes.

    Even more intriguing is indeed the fact that 34% of convicted thieves say they entered the home through the front door, 22% say they entered through a window on the first floor, and 21% say they entered through the back door.

    The garage, the basement, and any more floors that aren't locked are the only other entryways.

    The above numbers are still worrisomely high, despite the best efforts of the world's various security agencies. The time has come to beef up security and protect your homes by installing alarm systems.

    There are numerous methods to prevent this crime, just as there are numerous methods to perpetrate it. 

    The emotional and psychological toll of these crimes may be just as great as the monetary cost.

    The insecurity that can result in sleeplessness and melancholy is just the tip of the iceberg for those who are victimised.

    Homes (including house trucks, house boats, cars (so long as they're not automobiles), and built apartments), offices, stores, and any other properties are at risk and can be effectively secured using various means.


    It has been estimated that in 2011, burglary victims lost almost $8.4 billion USD. More over three-quarters (75%) of all burglaries happen in private homes.

    When asked how they got in, 34% of convicted burglars said the front door, 22% said a window, and 21% said the back door.

    The moment has arrived to secure your homes and families by installing alarm systems.

    Content Summary

    • The total amount of money lost by victims of burglaries in 2011 was allegedly around $8.4 billion US Dollars.
    • The present incidence of burglaries, coupled with growing levels of anxiety, is terrifying to consider.
    • The upshot is that our houses are easy prey for criminals.
    • Surprisingly, 34% of convicted burglars report entering the residence through the front door, 22% through a window on the first floor, and 21% through the rear door.
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