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How Do I Reset My Home Alarm System?

You can reset your alarm system by powering it down and then powering it back on. This is what is known as a power reset. To power down the system, the backup battery must be disconnected, and the transformer must be unplugged. Then reconnect the battery and transformer to power it back on.

However, a power reset is not the only type of system reset. There is also a factory reset and an alarm reset. A factory reset, also called factory defaulting, is a unique process used to reset every system setting to its factory default settings. This process is different for each type of alarm system. 

Meanwhile, an alarm reset is a process of clearing the system following an alarm event. This can be done by simply entering in a valid system user code or the System Master Code. The siren for the system should stop sounding, and the alarm event will be cleared. However, automatic dispatch may still occur if the system has a monitoring station and the user does not have alarm verification.

As for performing a power cycle reset, the process is relatively simple across all systems. One important note, though, is that when you are restoring power for a wireless system, you should connect the backup battery first and restore AC power second. Still, for a wired system, you generally want to convert AC power first and then reconnect the backup battery second.

Complete the following steps to perform a power reset:

Step-By-Step Guidance

how do i reset my home alarm system

Follow these steps to reset your alarm system after a power outage to ensure continuous monitoring of your home. Be sure to read to the end before getting started, so you have all of the necessary information on hand for a smooth process. 

Step 1: Gather Some Information

Alarm companies make their money by providing monthly monitoring services for homeowners. As a result, they are not usually interested in helping out a homeowner who has no intention of buying their services. Some companies will help homeowners, and there are resources available via the internet.

The first step is to gather essential information regarding the system make, model number and serial number. These are most often found on the master control panel, a central processing unit for a home alarm system. This panel is usually located in the basement, garage or closet, and often is locked. This panel should contain detailed information about your alarm system on the inside cover.

Step 2: Check For Instructions

Check the manufacturer's website for installer instructions. It is usually easy to locate basic system operation manuals written for the homeowner. Homeowner alarm system manuals, however, do not typically include reset instructions. Installation manuals can sometimes be found online for a given system. Use a search engine for the specific system model number to see any web resources that may be helpful for a given scenario.

Step 3: Key In Your Code

Finally, refer to your manufacturer’s manual to find the installation code. Since your system is reset, your previously selected code likely won’t work. Use the default PIN found in your instructions manual, then follow the steps to create a new code to use moving forward. 

While most systems are similar in the reset process, it’s wise to check with your home security provider for the specific steps. Small things like power supply backups, reset buttons and default codes. If all else fails, call your home security provider to get help from start to finish. 

Step 4: Disconnect The Power

Locate the power source to the main control panel. Disconnect the power. If the commission is hard-wired, this will require cutting off the circuit breaker at the house electrical panel board.

Step 5: Reconnect The Battery

Reconnect the battery leads. With the help of a friend, power up the system. While one person activates the power, the second should be at the alarm system control panel.

Once you’ve waited five minutes, retrace your steps and reconnect each power source. Start by inserting the backup batteries into the system. Then plug the main control panel back in. Alternatively, if you had to turn off the power to shut off a hardwired system, go back to your circuit breaker and flip the appropriate switch. 

Step 6: Add The Code

Key in the installer code. This varies by manufacturer. The default alarm system code is 4112. If you have an ADT SafeWatch Pro, the default installer code is 6321. Other systems should enable the user to scroll through a series of screens to reset alarm system features.

Step 7: Disconnect The Power

Locate the power source to the main control panel. Disconnect the power. If the meeting is hard-wired, this will require cutting off the circuit breaker at the house electrical panel board.

Step 8: Disconnect The Battery

Disconnect the backup battery in the main control panel. Pull both leads from the storm. Take care: Battery leads are easily broken.

Step 9: Find The Manufacturer’s Website For Install Instructions.

Most home security companies keep their product manuals online. If you can’t find your manual in the back of a kitchen drawer, perform a quick search to find specific instructions for the system in your home.

Step 10: Locate The Power Source To The Main Control Panel

Next, you need to disconnect the power supply to your central control panel. Some systems are plugged into a wall outlet, making this an easy step. If, however, your security system is hardwired, you’ll need to turn off the power using your circuit breaker.

How To Know If Your House Alarm Needs A Reset?

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The peace of mind and security a burglar alarm can give homeowners is worth its weight in gold. But only when it’s functioning correctly. House alarms are prone to malfunctioning and occasionally need a reset. 

Here are some of the possible underlying reasons:

  • Power cut, brownout or blackout.
  • Backup battery failure.
  • New home – the previous owners or tenants failed to hand over the password.
  • Wrong code.
  • The system isn’t detecting a phone line.
  • The day and time has been set wrong or needs resetting after a power cut.
  • Zone fault.

How To Reset A House Alarm On Your Own?

So, what can you do if your burglar alarm begins blaring, or the control panel is beeping, and you don’t know the code?

 Well, before doing anything, you want to be sure that it’s a false alarm. If you’re confident of that, the next step is to check your Home Alarm System Guide and Instruction Manual.

If you don’t have the manual, you can reset your house alarm by performing a power reset. This is done by powering down and then powering up the system.

How To Reset A House Alarm After A Power Cut?

Power cuts and blackouts can happen for various reasons, such as maintenance work or bad weather.

If your burglar alarm rings during a power cut, it’s almost always because the backup battery is dead. When the main electricity supply is removed, the backup battery can’t keep the system running, so the alarm starts ringing to let you know there’s a problem and you need to replace it.

Follow these steps to replace the backup battery and reset your house alarm:

  1. Locate the “System” or “System Status” button. On your home alarm keypad, find the “System” or “System Status” button. Press it quickly, twice. This will silence the alarm.
  2. Open the control panel. – When the mains electricity is back on, open the control panel. You may need to use the security code or key given to you by your security company. This is sometimes taped to the top of it. If you don’t have the key, you can try to open it with a screwdriver. Don’t know the security code to open the panel? In this case, you’ll need to contact a professional to help you. 
  3. Remove the backup battery. – Once you’ve opened the panel, you’ll find a small, black, square-shaped box connected to a circuit board. This is the backup battery. Disconnect and remove it. 
  4. Switch the circuit breaker off and on. – In your mains fuse box, locate the circuit breaker for your home alarm system. Switch it off and leave it off for five minutes. Then switch it back on.
  5. Replace the backup battery. – Insert the brand new backup battery. It’s recommended that you do this every 12 to 15 months or any time you see a low-battery warning on the display panel.
  6. Input your user code. – Finally, key in your user code and then press the “Off” button. Repeat this process once again. Your alarm system should now be reset.

How To Reset A House Alarm Without A Code, Or You’ve Lost It?

Resetting a burglar alarm isn’t always possible, easy, or even a good idea. You could cause more problems and damage it, so it’s advisable to call a professional technician to assist you. 

However, if you are dead set on turning off your house alarm without a code, let’s look at the basic steps involved:

  • Go to your alarm system’s main access panel.
  • Remove the power plug to the alarm console from the socket.
  • Unlock and open the main panel with the console access key or a small tool, such as a screw.
  • Disconnect one of the wires from the system’s main battery.

Always keep in mind that you can’t guarantee that you will be able to turn off your house alarm without the code. So, you should keep your home security code up to date and call your security company if you forget it. 

Forgotten Your Alarm Code?

There are several reasons why alarm codes cause problems. One of the most common scenarios is when people move into a new property and inherit an antiquated burglar alarm system. Probably the previous homeowner went through the alarm, code and its peculiarities before the move. 

They might have scribbled the code on a post-it note and attached it to the fridge. They might have left a message on the control panel to make your life easier. But in the chaos of removal boxes and misplaced furniture, it’s all too easy for the post-it- notes to get lost. Even if the code was written on the control panel, did they mean six-five-five-six to, or are the fives poorly written sixes?  

In situations like this, an engineer inevitably has to be called out from the company that installed the alarm to reprogram the system and set it with a new code. DNA Security is often called out when properties exchange hands to reset the system.

This can also occur when a homeowner decides to reset the password. You might have shared your code with the cleaner, had a falling out and want to change the code. It would help if you were very careful about passing on such crucial security information because it can compromise the integrity of your intruder alarm. It might be convenient to give it to a cleaner or decorator. It means you can leave for work early, and they have a set of keys to your property, but how well do you know them? Well enough to trust them with your code?

Attempting to reset the code with limited knowledge can sometimes lead to unforeseen problems. It might trigger the tamper mechanism, which is a safety device incorporated in the alarm system. And what happens if you forget the new code? Call out DNA Security, who are familiar with all their alarm systems, and rectify the situation.

How To Reset A Home Alarm Without A Code

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Home alarm systems can help keep burglars from breaking your home by up to 300%, according to some studies. However, home alarm systems can still malfunction or be set off improperly. This can cause loud noises, distractions, and calls to emergency services. 

Additionally, forgetting the passcode that disables your alarm makes an already stressful situation even tenser. If you have an alarm installed in your home and need to reset the device without a code, there are a few ways to do so, depending on the system itself and your service provider. 

Why Is It Important To Know How To Reset Alarm Codes? 

Every homeowner is different, and therefore have different reasoning for wanting to know how to reset the home alarm system code. Maybe you just moved into a new home that has an alarm system, but the previous owners didn’t know what the code was for the panel. 

Now your equipment is left sitting idle until you reset it all together. Or maybe a relative passed, and you’re taking over their home security system. Resetting the passcode will help you complete the change of responsibility. In most cases, it’s best to seek guidance from the security company behind the alarm panel. However, you can try the following to reset the code on your own. 

Check Your Alarm’s Guide And Instruction Manual 

Most home alarm systems and security cameras include instruction manuals and guided resetting systems without a readily available passcode. Because alarm systems differ, each set of instructions based on the make and model of your device is likely to vary. Not all steps provided by a generic guide to resetting a home alarm will work, especially if you have unique prompts to follow and codes to enter for your specific system. 

Steps To Make At Home 

There are a few steps you can take at home depending on the alarm system you have in place and the security company you are using. We don’t recommend you take action individually unless you have experience with alarm systems, electrical work, and security setups. Calling a company is always advisable before attempting to disable your home alarm system without assistance. However, if you are adamant about stopping noises coming from your home alarm, essential steps involved in the process are to: 

  1. Remove the AC adapter and power source of your home’s alarm panel from the wall. 
  2. Open the main panel to your alarm system using a key provided by your security company or another tool that fits in place. 
  3. Remove one of the leads from the battery by unplugging the wire from a sizable block-like chip section inside your alarm system. 
  4. Call your security company immediately to report the incident and prevent them from dispatching unnecessary emergency services to your home. 

Call Your Security Company Directly 

If your home alarm is beeping incessantly when disabling the system, call your home security company for immediate assistance. Your security company should have the ability to disable any malfunctions remotely.

A team of security experts can also determine the root cause of your system’s issues. If a problem cannot be detected over the phone, your security company can send a service technician to inspect your home alarm and equipment.  

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With a home alarm system, it is crucial to keep your safety in mind, as well as the overall safety of your property and household. Suppose you are looking for a fully customised home security system ideal for your home with more minor technical requirements and more information on how you can immediately start protecting your home. From smart and sleek alarm panels to motion detectors and indoor cameras, we have just the right thing for everyone.  

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