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50+ Best Security Guard Companies Sydney, New South Wales [2021]

Finding the right security guard company for your needs can be a tough task. There are many different companies to choose from, with various packages and prices. 

This blog post aims to help you find the perfect solution for your business or home. If you are looking for security guards in Sydney, New South Wales, you have come to the right place.

Here is a list of recommended security guard companies that are well-established and reputable.

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    Ultimate List of Security Guard Companies in Sydney

    Site Security & Traffic Control - Security Guard Company Sydney

    site security & traffic control security guard company sydney

    1300 007 782

    What sets SSTC Apart From Other Security & Traffic Control Companies?

    We do whatever it takes.

    Safety Focus

    We maintain the highest level of safety so that all rules and regulations are obeyed.

    We Are Accident Free

    In 9 Years of operation, there has been ZERO accidents or injuries.

    You Get The Best

    Experienced RMS accredited Traffic Controllers & Security Guards.

    Nothing’s A Hassle

    We release all unnecessary stress from the companies we work with.

    Competitive Rates

    High level of professionalism and implementation of work at competitive rates.


    All plans, permits and liaise with the council, RMS, police and other governing bodies.

    Professional Security Guards Sydney

    Static Security Guard

    Our Static security guards provide you peace of mind and control entry to sensitive locations such as a worksite or provide security to equipment, ensuring its safety and loss prevention. SSTC Guards provide manned services on access points, can provide crowd control or even event security.

    K9 Security with Handler

    Our K9 Security Guards provide the highest level of security. Not only do these dogs look and sound intimidating, but trained security dogs are incredibly reliable and intelligent enough to evaluate situations properly.

    Mobile Security Patrols

    If you have a remote site or even multiple sites, or maybe you don’t want someone onsite 24/7, our Mobile Patrol service can provide you with an officer that can answer alarms and dispatches from different alarm monitoring stations. They will also ensure the site is secure with a walk through to check for damage or hazards.

    Security Consultant 

    Assessing risk is, unfortunately, something businesses leave for last. Without security consultancy service, your needs, safety and concerns are put as a priority, and we can develop solutions to cater to the ever-changing environment of your business.

    Checkpoint Security

    The greatest threats to an organisation are the threats that walk through the door. Our checkpoint security service can provide you with a control point at any entryway for a workplace or event or even a worksite.

    Temperature Screening

    We can provide you with onsite service to conduct workforce screening for COVID Risk factors, from workplace to worksite mobile or fixed locations.


    Site Security and Traffic Control

    SSTC is an Australian family-owned and operated business. Our experience in the field of security and traffic management is extensive. Director Liam Sweeten brings with him over a decade worth of operational military experience, which is reflected in the way the company operates. Liam and his team have been involved in the building and construction industry for over a combined 25 + years collaboratively.

    Our Values


    Safety is and always will be everyone’s responsibility in the workplace. All of our work is carefully planned by our qualified management team in accordance with WHS and best practices.


    Teamwork is imperative to achieve the necessary goals for our clients. Ensuring effective and efficient outcomes.


    Integrity is taking responsibility for our actions and doing the right thing even when no one is looking. This is shown in our consistent, timely and dependable work ethics.


    Communication is conveying messages and information effectively to ensure that the client is well informed at all times.

    Site Security and Traffic Control Pride ourselves on four key values being Safety, Teamwork, Communication and Integrity. Our core values help us shape our company culture and impacts our business strategy, ensuring we are always working towards achieving the same goals in all aspects of the business. Our core key values are our company DNA, and they help us differentiate our business from the competition, which we believe enables us to take the position as industry leaders within the traffic management and security sectors.

    Eagleyes Group - Security Guard Company Sydney

    eagleyes group security guard company sydney

    02 8208 8638

    Our People Are Our Strength

    Eagleyes Group Pty Ltd. Eagleyes Security is 100% Australian Owned, Offering a unique combination of specialised services. Eagleyes Security Employs: “Licensed Professional Security Operatives” to All Areas of the: Professional, Private, Industrial, Commercial Sectors, including the Security industry.

    Eagleyes Security was established to: Achieve and Maintain a Reputation as a Leader in Quality Security Services throughout Australia, by Helping Clients, Manage and Improve the Overall Performance of the Organization. Eagleyes Security was established to: Achieve and Maintain a Reputation as a Leader in Quality Security Services throughout Australia, by Helping Clients, Manage and Improve the Overall Performance of the Organization.


    Eagleyes Security was established to achieve and maintain a reputation as a leader in the Security Industry. We provide quality security services, some of these include:

    • Hospitality Industry and Special Event Protection
    • Mobile Patrol and Alarms Response
    • Surveillance, Manpower, Covert/ Private Enquiries
    • Covert/ Private Enquiries
    • Cleaning Services

    To achieve this we:

    • Verify what our customers require
    • Satisfy those requirements within agreed timeframes
    • Create a work environment that recognises performance and encourages growth.

    Hire a Security Guard Company Sydney

    hire a security guard company sydney

    1300 437 663


    The only approved contractor of Hire a Security Guard services, providing quality security services to many organisations and private companies



    At Hire a Security Guard, we pride ourselves on having a sizeable dedicated workforce of licensed security guard personnel who are dispatched to your security needs and offer a quick response at the lowest turnaround time to keep your business and property safe. We have been successfully deputing and managing security officers for the past 10 years. Our security specialists in Sydney possess the understanding, skill set and expertise to respond to security breaches in the event of any mishap. We are committed to your needs while also offering 24/7 support, thus ensuring your property’s safety and security aren’t compromised through our security guard for hire services. Our well-integrated solutions combine advanced security measures, training and technology that assure top-notch security for your clients, guests, visitors and staff and assure a peaceful environment to carry out your work.


    We have gained predominance in the security industry because we adhere to modern security practices while offering the highest standards of work to keep your premise’s safety and security unhampered. Our professionally-trained security guard personnel are responsible for maintaining a courteous and client-friendly attitude and undergo thorough background checks to meet the standard requirements of training and licensing. Hire our private guards, who will undoubtedly protect your property with time-to-time reporting and deter threats in the first instance. At Hire a Security Guard, we specialise in offering certified security guards for hire in Sydney for corporate premises, fire watch security guards, personal bodyguards, special events, parties, functions and investigation services. We have priced our packages keeping your budget in mind.


    • Proactive
    • Courteous and friendly
    • Licensed and insured
    • Experienced and professional
    • Qualified and good interpersonal skills
    • Professionally trained and certified
    • Capable of operating high-tech security devices
    • Emergency response 24/7


    Established in 2010, Hire a Security Guard is an undisputed name in the Security industry when offering comprehensive security solutions at a reasonable price. At Hire a Security Guard, our ultimate aim is to provide you with practical, customer-centric solutions designed with the highest efficiency and practical knowledge that ensure top-notch safety against potential threats and keep you and your property secured. Our skilled and licensed security guard personnel have extensive work experience in a wide range of security facets. Furthermore, we are available 24/7 to respond to your security needs anytime you require security services.


    Whenever your house or business needs a trusted security partner, we are there for you. With a combined experience of more than 10 years, we have gained predominance in the security industry as a reputed and reliable security service provider by virtue of our unmatched work, relentless efforts, and highest professional standards. Our proactive approach, punctuality, courteous behaviour and ready-to-respond gesture have earned us goodwill and has motivated us to serve better every time you place a request.


    Hire a Security Guard is one of the leading security companies based in Sydney, our vision is to earn trust from esteemed clientele by delivering high-quality, personalised security solutions at an affordable price.


    We aim to cater to the extent of security solutions to give you the highest level of protection you need. We endeavour to go beyond the basic security needs to ensure you have well-designed and organised security personnel in place who can exceed your expectations by strengthening the security aspects and responding to emergencies at times when you need it the most.

    FAQs About Security Guard

    Check Your Expectations 

    You have to know your problem before you can find your solution. If you’re vaguely aware that you need security but not exactly sure what you’re looking for, make a mental checklist to start.

    Here’s a couple of questions you can ask yourself include:

    • What assets am I protecting? 
    • What risks do I need protection against? 
    • How many guards will I need to do the job well? 
    • How long will I need them?
    • What is my budget?

    The type of job you’re looking at will impact what kind of security guard you need and thus where you should look. 

    And if you have trouble getting through your security self-assessment, call one of the companies on your list. A good first test will be whether they are willing to consult with you and provide a recommendation.

    Check their Experience 

    Now that you know what kind of security you need, start checking out security guards or agencies in your area. You want to make sure they have the know-how to perform your job, no matter how complicated, and the commitment to do it well, no matter how small. 

    You may want to know how long the company has been in business and what security areas they specialise in, such as dignitary protection or events security. 

    Don’t hesitate to call and ask for them to discuss their process and recommendations. The way they speak about their business and your needs will tell you something about their expertise.

    Check their Qualifications

    As you know, security guard licensing and training requirements vary by state. Check your state’s mandates. If there are none, check with the agency you’re considering. 

    You can ask your candidates questions about their qualifications such as:

    • What are your requirements for hiring armed security guards vs. unarmed security guards?
    • Do you require background checks?
    • What is your minimum hiring age?
    • How many hours of training do your guards have?
    • How do you train officers?
    • How many years of experience do guards have?

    Another thing to take note of as you’re choosing is that your agency or guard may be uniquely qualified depending on whether they are a national or local company.

    Each has its pros and cons. National security guard companies may deliver a wide range of more seasoned guards. Local companies are typically more familiar with your area’s security challenges, layout, etc.

    Some agencies hire with little experience. For example, some hire only active-duty or prior law enforcement officers or military to ensure hires are properly trained. If you aren’t comfortable with the requirements, training, certification or experience of an agency, move on.

    Check Their References 

    As with any major decision you’d make, check the references! The internet makes this one easier, although it’s important to remember that online reviews can often be unfair. 

    You may be better off calling – especially if it’s a newer agency. They will be able to give you references for satisfied customers who you can call yourself.

    And don’t just check references to find satisfaction ratings. Checking your agency or security guard’s public references is critical to give you a good idea of their scope of work. 

    The question isn’t just, “can they do their work well?” Your question is, “can they do MY job well?” 

    Read reviews, make calls, and ask questions. Get an idea of their industry experience and client satisfaction if you can. 

    Check Your Contract

    Consider your contract before you sign it. You’re not just checking for accuracy. You’re checking for confidence and clarity.


    From armed robbery and shoplifting to drunken brawls, security has remained a continual issue for Australian businesses.

    Security guards stand at the defence of these businesses to ensure that problems like these can be handled effectively and efficiently.

    However, the constant possibility of a threat means that security guards need to always be on the ball. So to perform their tasks in this way, security guards need to have a particular skillset.

    These are the nine qualities you need to so that you can help maintain the security of Australian businesses:

    • Preparedness
    • Honesty
    • Quick Reflexes
    • Rationality
    • Leader and Team Player
    • Excellent Communication Skills
    • Exceptional Strength and Fitness
    • Value and Respect for Life
    • Education and Training

    A career in security allows you to use many of your natural skills. Your skills can finally be used in this role, from your fitness and agility to rational thinking.

    The average private contractor assigns two types of shifts: eight-hour and twelve-hour shifts. These shifts may occur overnight or during the day, and most come with an hourly pay rate. While 12-hour shifts are long, they do come with benefits.

    You must:

    • be at least 18 years old
    • be a fit and proper person to hold the class of licence sought
    • be employed by a master licensee, or hold a master licence of your own
    • have enrolled into or successfully completed the relevant units of competency for the class(es) of licence sought
    • be competent to carry out the security activity to which the proposed licence relates
    • have Australian work rights
    • hold a Transport for NSW:
      • driver licence, or
      • customer number.

    The major responsibility of a home security guard is to protect people against threats, violence, and burglars. We need to hire security guards to look after property due to the high cost as property owners. 

    Many security companies have got you covered in this matter. However, choosing reliable security guard companies is a big task for all of us. Hiring the wrong people to protect your property might cause problems. If you hire security guards, below are the advantages of having one.

    • Security guards help to protect you against thieves and robbers.
    • Some people prefer using security equipment such as cameras and alarms for their homes which are predictable. But hiring human personnel as a protector will make your property safer.
    • This makes it difficult for robbers to predict their location. Sometimes security guards are mistaken to be policemen from a distance due to their uniform, which is a plus point.
    • Highly trained and professional security guards can recognise the threat or potential hazards.
    • A potential security guard can handle several problems at a time while he is on duty.
    • They have the right to arrest that person who invades their possessions. Further, the arrested person will be taken into police custody.

    Urban Protection Group - Security Guard Company Sydney

    urban protection group security guard company sydney

    (02) 8197 9550

    ‘At Urban Protection, protecting your business is our business.’

    Since commencing operations in 2011, Urban Protection Group has been proudly serving NSW companies with comprehensive security solutions that are tailor-made to meet their specific security requirements.

    We understand the importance of developing and growing strong relationships with clients, so we ensure our day-to-day business activities are always aligned with our core values of:

    • Transparency and honesty
    • Superior customer service
    • Safety
    • Continuous improvement and innovation

    Besides our own values, we have adopted a unique approach of incorporating your values alongside ours. This eliminates tension and ensures that when our people interact with yours, a harmonious working relationship ensues, where our staff are able to blend in with the culture of your organisation. To help this process along, we ensure all of our officers have excellent communication skills, a positive attitude, professional presentation, and are motivated to perform to a high standard.

    Running a high-performance security operation requires a thorough understanding of Workplace Health and Safety. Urban Protection Group holds a WHS 4801 certification, which means we maintain a work environment that operates at the highest level of safety. All of our staff bring this knowledge into your workplace, which means less chance of incidents and fewer disruptions to your workflow.

    Our Services

    Security Guards

    We provide a range of security guard services, including loss prevention, crowd control, static guards, corporate and concierge.

    Security Patrols

    Urban Protection’s security patrol service is a mobile service that protects your business premises from unwanted intruders.

    Electronic Security

    With Urban Protection’s integrated electronic security services, your business is protected from intruders 24 hours a day.

    Risk Advisory

    Urban Protection’s security risk advisory service is the first step towards a comprehensive security solution.

    About Urban Protection Group

    Urban Protection Group is an internationally certified specialist security company that has been providing customised and intelligent security solutions to the corporate, retail, logistics, hospitality, and government sectors since 2011. We are dedicated to providing you with a highly responsive, tailor-made security solution that will protect you, your assets, and your profit margin from loss and harm.

    Our international certification means we are always up-to-date with the latest best practice and security technology and that we are providing a service based on policies, procedures, and standards that achieve excellent results.

    Our staff have to meet strict criteria in terms of experience, attitude, communication skills, and presentation, and we provide them with ongoing training and support to ensure they are motivated to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients.

    Our security solutions take into account your security goals, the particular risks and threats you are exposed to, your brand, and the expectations of your clientele. With these in mind, Urban Protection Group can design a solution that is the ideal fit for your business.

    GMT Security - Security Guard Company Sydney

    gmt security security guard company sydney

    1300 56 66 59

    WELCOME GMT Security

    Our manned security and safety services are delivered by trained, qualified and experienced personnel to provide comprehensive solutions you can rely on 24/7.

    Whether you require customer-facing security for your commercial premises, mobile patrols for vacant properties, or traffic management for a construction and infrastructure site, we can provide experienced and reliable static and mobile manned security solutions that put robust controls in place exactly where you need them.

    Security Guards

    At GMT Security, we ensure that professionalism is the primary focus of our security officers. As the first point of contact for many businesses, staff, and customers, our team is aware of the need to employ a combination of service and protection to maintain maximum client satisfaction.

    We offer site supervision services that employ a high level of security at an affordable cost. Your site’s safety is our number one priority, which is why we dedicated a high level of supervision to ensure that this is maintained.

    Our security guards are flexible to the needs of your organisation, offering:

    • Sound public relations and courteous service towards all staff, contractors, visitors and the public
    • Heightened protection of all entry and exit points to the premises
    • After hours’ telephone reception
    • First aid abilities
    • Major emergency experience
    • Audits and daily reconciliations of keys and passes
    • Assisting with general cleanliness and reporting graffiti

    It’s this complete approach to guard services that set GMT apart from the rest in the industry.


    As one of the fastest emerging security groups, GMT Security has years of unrivalled experience in protecting some of the nation’s highest-profile sites. Our experience allows us to facilitate a tailored security solution package to suit our client’s individual needs, and by maintaining the security industry’s most stringent benchmarked standards, our clients are assured of a process-based approach to quality management. At GMT Security Group, we have established a friendly team of security officers that are fully trained and experienced to handle all types of situations. We look forward to the opportunity of being able to offer you our range of professional services.

    How we raise awareness and serve our community

    We at GMT Security are passionate about raising awareness and eagerly wish to do our part in building an ideal society, and we believe that a healthy society is a prosperous one. Therefore, we proudly support ‘National Breast Cancer Foundation’ that has a renowned reputation in healthcare and medical research.

    We also support ‘Beyond Blue’ an Australian not-for-profit organisation that provides support and raises awareness regarding mental health issues.

    We also strongly believe that women being an integral part of our society, should be treated with cordial respect and therefore, we support ‘White Ribbon’ in their divine cause of stopping violence against women.

    Southern Cross Group - Security Guard Company Sydney

    southern cross group security guard company sydney


    Founded in Sydney in 2005, Southern Cross Group is one of the few remaining wholly-owned Australian Facility services company with a focus on delivering Facility and Technology solutions.

    Working in partnership with our clients, We provide a consultative approach to truly understand our clients’ needs. SCG delivers comprehensive, integrated services to over 800 client sites across Australia.

    We provide a wealth of experience and solutions in complex environments, ranging from retail, commercial/corporate, infrastructure, government, health, industrial, manufacturing, events and entertainment.

    Southern Cross Group – where facility and technology solutions merge to deliver peak efficiency.

    Security Guard

    Our Security Professionals

    Southern Cross Group provide outstanding service. Your safety is our priority.

    Southern Cross Group provide 24/7 support and dedicated security professionals to ensure the safety and security of clients and their sites. Personal safety and asset protection are our primary priorities.

    We deliver an integrated service combining security, training and technology to ensure our clients, their guests, visitors, and staff experience a welcoming and safe environment.

    Security guards are skilled in handling Building Management Systems, CCTV and Fire Safety Panels and are trained in observation, detection and reporting. The accolades and accreditations we have been awarded are evidence of our commitment to excellence and customer service.

    About Us

    Southern Cross Group is one of Australia’s leading providers of integrated service solutions.

    We are committed to excellence and listening to our clients.

    As one of a few wholly Australian-owned companies, we focus on a range of comprehensive Facility and Technology service solutions. Working in partnership with clients, we deliver a full suite of tailored, integrated and innovative solutions with value add propositions to over 800 client sites throughout Australia.

    Since 2005, Southern Cross Group gained a remarkable response to their business and management models leading to success and sustained growth Australia wide. We continue to expand our portfolio of clients and secure prestigious venues by working closely with our clients to ensure we deliver the desired results.

    Community Engagement is very important to Southern Cross Group. Management and employees support and participate in charitable initiatives, sponsorships and volunteer work within communities nationally, including OzHarvest, Ride for Remembrance, The Long Walk, Vinnies CEO Sleepout, Our Big Kitchen and The Lysicrates Foundation.

    An initiative to increase Indigenous employment resulted in Southern Cross Group entering into a joint venture partnership creating Southern Cross Pacific. Southern Cross Pacific provides genuine career opportunities to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples within the Facility Services industry. Working from a position of respect and understanding, Southern Cross Pacific operates under a comprehensive Equal Employment Opportunities Policy and Reconciliation Policy.

    Allied Integrated Management - Security Guard Company Sydney

    allied integrated management security guard company sydney

    1300 003 459

    Allied Security Management is a security company that provides a range of security services and risk solutions with extensive experience and knowledge within the personal and business security industries.

    Our commitment to continuous business process improvement, staff training, professional delivery, extensive communication ensures that Allied Security Management continues to deliver in a dynamic market.

    Our core business values are client focus, integrity, professionalism, collaboration and community.

    Our commitment to excellence ensures that we operate efficiently, deliver reliable and superior service and grow our reputation in the security industry.

    Our values

    reflect our purpose, our priorities and the beliefs by which we conduct ourselves. They guide the way we work with our business partners, within our communities and with each other.

    Through collaboration, integrity, client focus, professionalism, and community, we have created a vibrant company culture where ideas can blossom, people can thrive, and success can flourish.

    Our values are the fundamental basis of our sustainability management system, along with our Code of Conduct and distinctive policies. Our transparency and honesty ensure we continually hold ourselves to high standards.

    A Trusting Supportive Ongoing Partnership is our promise to you!

    Client Focus

    At the centre of our business are our clients. All the work we perform and our success is built on customer satisfaction.


    Allied advocated integrity within our organisation. Our people adhere to high ethics and moral principles.


    Our ability to foster a collaborative environment within the business and with our client is key to our success.


    We provide and expect our people to deliver professional services.


    Allied is a community-driven organisation. We promote and support safe and secure community environments.

    Guaranteed Results

    Not only do we train you, but we also work with you to ensure you get desired results.

    About Us

    Allied Integrated Management is an Australian owned national provider of innovative and customised solutions.

    As part of the five independent businesses within the Allied Integrated Management group, Allied Security Management has been established under the Allied Integrated Management umbrella since 2013, offering a diverse range of security services from security personnel to security risk management.

    We cater for all types of industries that require our security services and have assisted many high-profile industry names to the common residential home.

    Allied was named from the idea of creating a unified approach to offering a complete solution of service to become a whole service provider.

    Our vision is to be the leading integrated services provider where long-term employee and customer satisfaction is sustained.

    Our mission is to be the preferred integrated services provider by delivering exceptional customer service and innovation through our friendly, highly trained professional staff who will respond, rectify and resolve our clients’ business needs.

    Security Company Sydney – What We Do

    Allied Security Management is a security company that provides a range of security services that includes

    • Security Personnel
    • Concierge Services
    • Event Security
    • K9 Dog Handling
    • Covert and Loss Prevention
    • Security Risk Management
    • Alarm Response And Monitoring

    Allied Security Management management has extensive experience and knowledge

    in the personal and business security industry.

    Our commitment to continuous business process improvement, and staff training, professional delivery and extensive communication ensures that.

    Allied Security Management continues to deliver in a dynamic market.

    Our core business values are client focus, integrity, professionalism, collaboration and community. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we operate efficiently, deliver reliable and superior service and grow our reputation in the security industry.

    Why Allied Security Management


    Allied Security Management delivers reliable, integral and professional security services in Australia. We aim to understand our client’s requirements and deliver the appropriate security solutions to meet their needs:

    • We are committed to providing a professional and reliable service
    • We are available 24 hours a day
    • We are committed to client reputational management and supporting their brand
    • We provide seamless transitions
    • We are committed to deploying the right people by site requirement
    • We provide solid customer service, supported with compliance auditing, reporting, KPI assessment and contract management
    • We are committed to continuous improvement in service delivery
    • We offer our clients access to our proprietary web-based system, The EDGE
    • We develop strong and enduring relationships with all our clients

    Our Focus

    Allied Security Management is focused on ensuring our clients are satisfied with our services.

    Our quality service platform enables us to effectively satisfy our clients’ needs and continually re-assess these needs to make sure we continue to deliver client satisfaction.

    Our fully trained and licenced personnel provide the frontline solutions delivering client satisfaction.

    SJK Security - Security Guard Company Sydney

    sjk security security guard company sydney

    02 97462152

    Our company can offer immediate security personnel on a twenty-four hour basis and, with reasonable notice, undertake extremely large projects with full operational support in management, communications and logistics.


    Our security guards are bound to bring about a remarkable difference to your residential or business premises with their professional, authoritative, yet pleasant demeanour. SJK Security provides Static Security Guards in Sydney who has the requisite training and qualification to handle regular security tasks as well as emergency situations in case they arise. We are pleased to tell you that our officers undergo a rigorous selection process that involves comprehensive screening procedures. Apart from possessing high-end security skills, our officers have noteworthy communication skills, are trained in public relations and are always professionally dressed up in their security uniform or in plain clothes, as per the requirement. Our Static Security Guards have the following qualities:

    • They are fully licensed according to the prevalent industry standards.
    • Our static security guards have the requisite certification to monitor building security, check credentials, manage security for an event, identify suspicious activity through CCTV, monitor asset protection as well as carry out scheduled surveillance of any specific area.
    • They are capable of efficiently responding to emergency situations.
    • Every officer is a completely accredited first aid attendant and possesses OH&S White Card.

    If you want static guards who would effectively follow client instructions and offer you end-to-end security, contact SJK Security now!



    About Us

    SJK Security Consultants Pty Ltd is an Australian owned, nationally-based organisation located in Granville, Sydney. SJK Security Consultants is a professional medium-sized security firm with demonstrated experience in static guarding services. Our goal is to be the finest in our chosen markets. This desire is reflected in our motto – “Distinction in Security”. A major area of our expertise is bringing together specialists in order to deliver the best security solutions for our clients. We are committed to exceeding our customer’s expectations and providing excellent service at the best price. Our client base includes residential buildings, shopping centres, warehouses and railway stations.

    Comprehensive screening procedures and rigorous staff selection ensure high quality, professional officers. Our security personnel undergo a long pre-selection process, all officers need to submit a written application form, produce a current security license, be subject to reference checks and take part in an induction program lasting the probationary three (3) months. During this time, our supervisor maintains an active interest to support and answer any questions of the officer. At the end of the period, the officer is interviewed by the Director to reconfirm the employment conditions.

    Our company can offer immediate security personnel on a twenty-four hour basis and, with reasonable notice, undertake extremely large projects with full operational support in management, communications and logistics.

    MA Services Group - Security Guard Company Sydney

    ma services group security guard company melbourne

    03 9339 3500

    Security Services

    MA Services Group offers commercial security services to its wide range of customers from different industries. We serve customers of all sizes, from a small retail shops in your locality to multibillion-dollar global companies. We provide our services across Australia, and we have our corporate office in Melbourne, Victoria. Our office locations are in Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth.

    Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Security Service

    Hiring a commercial security services company for your business gives you peace of mind. Your employees and customers feel safe and protected. Having security personnel around shows them that you are concerned about their well-being and safety. It puts you in control of unforeseen circumstances related to safety that might occur in the near future.

    Additional Benefits:

    • Responsible security personnel looking out for the well-being of employees, and customers
    • Always looking for any signs of suspicious activity or threats
    • Risk assessment based on both Internal as well as External factors
    • Builds a positive brand reputation in the minds of your stakeholders.

    Our Services includes:

    We provide a range of different services and skillsets to our event/venue clientele, including the following:

    • High-Risk Crowd Management– We ensure to reduce the risk of your event by applying the right strategies and managing the high-risk crowd.
    • Major Event Security– Our Team provides comprehensive security services for any major events by ensuring the safety of your guests and staff.
    • Traffic Management- We have a team of well-trained security personnel to manage the traffic flow of your business.
    • Risk Assessments- We specialise in carrying out a risk assessment for your business and ensuring the safety of your property.
    • Risk Assessments- We specialise in carrying out a risk assessment for your business and ensuring the safety of your property.
    • Covert Operatives- Our highly trained personnel covertly operate to protect your business from any potential harm.
    • Intelligence Analysts- Our Intelligence Analysts are fully equipped to get the required information about the threat to your organisation.
    • Merchandise Protection Support Responsibilities- We have highly skilled security personnel to support and protect your businesses merchandise.
    • Mobile Patrol Services– Patrolling Services personnel respond to alarm response and threat based on surveillance for better protection.
    • Control Room Operators– We have the best control room operators to monitor alarms and other security-related activity
    • Alarm Response– Our Security Personnel is proficient in responding to alarm responses.
    • Static and Roving Guards- We provide both Static and Roving Guards who are highly mobile and trained for your business.

    Currently servicing a broad range of clientele across Australia, including national and international brands, we are proud of our record of delivering successful outcomes while maintaining a high standard of service that safeguards our client’s brand and reputation.

    Why Choose MA Services Group?

    In today’s world, it becomes imperative for businesses to protect their business from not just organised crime but also any such prevalent situation which might put the lives of their employees or customers at risk. For us, providing security is not just a service but outcomes that our clients endeavour to deliver to their end-users, stakeholders, employees, and customers!

    • License: MA Services group is an Insured and Licensed Integrated Solutions Company having rich experience in the commercial security services domain. We have built a reputation in the industry for being one of the most sought-after commercial security firms in Australia. Our Security Personnel is hired and trained by industry experts based on a range of carefully crafted competencies.
    • Background Check: Every new hire goes through a rigorous hiring process which includes police verification, background check, language and general literacy, and aptitude tests. We are passionate about meeting and exceeding needs, and we take great pride in harnessing a team environment to promote productivity and accountability.
    • Our personnel take ownership of their responsibilities and work together to become a part of the delivery of your event, function.
    • Our philosophy for success is dependent on the success of our clients: we work together, we succeed together.

    Who we are

    Australian owned, we are solely focused on our local and national markets. Our aspiration is not to be global but globally aware to provide efficient and productive solutions that deliver real benefits such as:

    • Reduction in resourcing volume by 10-15% without service compromise.
    • Enhanced security measures without additional costs.
    • A risk management approach in all activities and duties.
    • Workforce multipliers in productivity without higher management or
    • supervision overheads through leading-edge technologies.

    We are everywhere you need us to be, in every state and territory. We have a service footprint that can be leveraged to provide immediate response and be scalable to your needs. This is underpinned by robust systems and procedural frameworks with a secure financial position, ensuring business stability and sustainability.

    Our approach is to always understand the environment we need to operate in, quantify vulnerabilities and risk climate, plan and manage in order to deliver real and measurable outcomes.

    We believe that while security is a critical service, it can be complemented with additional services to enhance risk mitigation, commercial benefits and reduce management burden. With this in mind, MASG also offers cleaning, facility management services and customer service as separate or integrated offers.

    How we thrive. Our people matter most.

    People are the cornerstone of our business within MASG. Our philosophy and practice are centred on our employees – high calibre professionals with the insight and judgment to bring innovative solutions to our clients. We are, as in business, only ever as good as our people. 

    We aim to create a positive and challenging work environment in which employees can realise their full potential.

    We are proud of our employees and the skills, experience and commitment they contribute to our

    The organisation, we show this through formal and informal recognition and reward programs.

    We identify talent and potential and nurture it because we know the skills and capabilities of our people are our strength and the major source of the contribution to our successful service delivery. Our people and the teams we develop at each contract are key to the long term and sustainable relationships MASG has with each of our customers. 

    Partisan Protective Services - Security Guard Company Sydney

    partisan protective services

    1300 949 995

    Leading Sydney Security Company

    As one of the leading security companies in Sydney, Partisan Protective Services provides comprehensive security services for owners of Sydney and Central Coast homes and businesses. With offices at Seven Hills and North Wyong, we manage security services for both Sydney and the Central Coast.

    Our extensive experience and commitment to safety have taken us to the forefront of the security industry in New South Wales.

    By staying abreast of the latest industry technologies, we can provide you with the most up-to-date security available. There’s no other security company in Sydney or the Central Coast that offers the level of experience or range of services we do.

    Whether you need an event to be monitored or an area surveilled by mobile patrols, it is our goal to give you peace of mind. With Partisan Protective Services, you are always getting the most comprehensive security for your money.

    With over 30 years’ experience, you can count on our security expertise. We are official members of the Australian Security Industry Association, fully certified in OHS/WHS capability and licensed.

    Professional Security Guard Hire

    When you need extra security, we at Partisan Protective Services are the ones to call. We service Sydney Metro, Western Sydney, NSW, Gosford, Tuggerah, and Wyong. Our officers are hand-selected, go through extensive background checks, and are screened for substances. Our guards are trained in COVID 19 infection control.

    For trusted and professional security guard hire in Sydney and surrounds, get in touch with our team today. Contact us online or call us on 1300 949 944

    Specially Trained Security Guards

    At Partisan Protective Services, we have over 30 years’ experience in providing highly trained and professional security guard hire services throughout Sydney and the Central Coast. All our security guards for hire undergo extensive training and are fully qualified and licensed. They also hold all necessary occupational requirements, including First Aid training and OH&S Green Cards and COVID 19 infection control protocols.

    Able to perform a variety of roles and available on both short and long term basis, our security guards are dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional service and peace of mind. 

    We are here to help support large and small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing security trained guards as COVID-19 marshalls to keep your staff and customers safe—adherence for vaccination certificates, temperate checks and enforcing safe social distancing protocols.

    Our security guards are available for a wide range of security solutions, including:

    • Access control
    • Control room staff
    • Personal protection
    • Covert security for retail spaces
    • Security escorts
    • Patrol guards
    • Mobile security patrols
    • COVID-19 Security Marshalls


    We ensure effective communication channels between our security teams and clients.

    Comprehensive incident reports covering details of routine patrols, unusual activity, and major incidences, from minor safety hazards and maintenance issues to serious security risks or concerns.


    Control room operations to ensure your business, event or space has a bird’s eye view. Working closely with the ground personal, you’ll have comprehensive security coverage.


    As required by NSW regulation, all our security guards are trained in emergency first aid, with certification updated every three years.


    Our guards are trained and equipped to handle a range of high-risk environments. Our security management plans ensure that no matter the environments our personnel face, they’ll be up to the task.

    Why Hire Static Security Guards?

    There are many reasons why you may need to add a security officer to your location. Security officers provide that extra measure of protection and can respond to incidents promptly.

    Their presence alone significantly reduces theft, criminal activity and vandalism. Also, having a security guard at your location improves customer service and gives your customers a sense of safety.

    Security officers help keep the peace during the holidays, strikes or other times of temporary discord. Their expertise in controlling crowds makes them valuable, and their presence can save your business money in damages.

    By having a security guard at your business, your employees will feel safer. 

    At Partisan Protective Services, our security guard hire services are second to none. All our security guards are trained to deal in a range of security environments and pride themselves on their professionalism.

    Our security personnel are most commonly utilised for commercial buildings, construction sites, schools and universities, hotels, shopping centres and events. 

    Whether you need site monitoring or access control, our private security guards can help you.

    Your Trusted Sydney Security Company

    The need for security companies has grown over the years because of the threats to assets and property. Security has grown from an old man with a truncheon guarding your premises at night to much more sophisticated methods.

    At Partisan Protective Services, we’ve led the way in security industry innovation to ensure our clients receive the best service possible.

    At Partisan Protective Services, we are an Australian owned and operated security company and offer a comprehensive range of security solutions for both domestic and commercial clients. From home alarm systems to mobile patrols, we specialise in a wide range of security services to protect your assets and keep your home and business safe.

    As a leading Sydney security company, we pride ourselves on our highly trained and experienced staff providing detailed and reliable protective services. Equipped with the latest in security technology, we deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions to your requirements. We tailor our services to your specific needs and are highly flexible in our approach.

    Every member of our security company operates under our NSW Master Security licence, with a guarantee of professional security guard services you can rely on to protect your home or business.

    Allegiance Security - Security Guard Company Sydney

    allegiance security security guard company sydney

    02 9905 9198

    Over 30 Years of Security Services!!

    WELCOME! Allegiance Security is pleased to celebrate its over 30 years of security, investigation and risk management services to our diverse clients in Sydney and Australia wide, since our humble beginning in the early 1980s. Over the years, we’ve also been involved in numerous successful international projects as well as establishing strong networks, thereby building on this lasting foundation for the next 30 years! We are a proud Northern Beaches’ security company and with our proven record, established reliable networks and reputable capabilities, the Allegiance brand would definitely be a great asset to your organisation. To personalise our service and if you need more information, please contact directly Mark Greville (CEO) mob: 0413 156 006 or email:


    Allegiance Security provides close protection teams for the safety of executives, VIPs and other strategically important human assets. Security escorts can be arranged internationally.

    Our policy is to involve the clients or principal representatives in all operational briefs (whenever practical). This will ensure smooth progress for all assignments as well as peace of mind for all persons involved. Our close protection teams are handpicked, highly scrutinised and specially trained for each assignment they undertake.

    We can provide:

    • VIP Protection
    • Personal
    • Bodyguards
    • Close Protection Risk Assessment

    Security Hire Sydney 

    security hire sydney

    0467 555 774

    Our unique personalised approach to security services began with the management team. Each of our security managers has worked within the security industry as a security operative. Prior to joining Security Hire Sydney (SHS), we experienced various sectors of the security industry and the difficulties and challenges they presented. 

    The various sectors included Static Security, Venue Security, Mobile Patrol Security Services and Electronic Security. The experience our team gained was invaluable in the creation of an organisation that could change the way security is provided. One of the key elements our team has implemented has been an informal approach to providing better services through building relationships and rapport with our customers and clients.

    Why Hire A Security Guard?

    Security plays an integral part in protecting people their property and assets. But most people don’t know that Security Guards can do much more. Our Security Guards are part of an elite team, trained in conflict resolution and must be able to effectively:

    • Deter Vandals
    • Neutralise Danger
    • Resolve Conflict 
    • Ensure Safety
    • Protect The Public
    • Prevent assaults
    • Protect Property 
    • Prevent Criminal Behaviour
    • Report and Relay Critical Information
    • Provide Discretion
    • Work in high-pressure situations
    • Manage Time
    • Multitask

    Our security team offer a range of security guard hire services. From Construction Site Security to Corporate and Event Security Guard Services. 

    Our team can deploy professional security guards for the protection of assets and the safety of family members, patrons, guests and staff. 


    Security guard hire is not expensive. Typically a Security guard can cost between $30 -$55 per hour.

    Each assignment does vary, however. As a result, security guards rates can differ from job to job and site to site.

    Bodyguards typically are paid higher rates. Because of the risk involved with Close Personal Protection (CPP) and training requirements, Bodyguarding is the most expensive type of Security Guard to Hire

    Our standard security hire rate is much cheaper in comparison to most security guard providers in Sydney.

    To get a quote, please click on the link below to get in touch with a security professional.


    Our vision is to become a household name for all security-related enquiries. We believe that with great core principles and a strong work ethic, we are able to dominate the security niche. As well as lead the security industry in advancements of processes and procedures. 


    Through our use of up to date technology and training, our mission is focused on presenting the very best in security services within the Sydney metropolitan region. Security Hire Sydney is dedicated to our local communities and keeping them safer by implementing a cost-effective service to suit every customer.

    4Front Security - Security Guard Company Sydney

    4front security security guard company sydney

    1300 952 286

    Established in 2016, our strong professional management team has over 30 years of combined experience in the security industry. Our exceptional team and commitment to excellence, reliability and competitive pricing have led us to win numerous high profile contracts.

    At 4Front Security, our security guards do much more than just monitor entrances and exits to establish a presence of safety and authority. In addition to those vital tasks, we are prepared to write up reports of irregularities in daily activity, investigate disturbances, interact with visitors, and work with the local police and fire departments in case of an emergency.

    Static Security Guards in Sydney

    All of our security guards are trained and licensed and are handpicked by our senior management team for their professionalism, communication skills, and relevant experience. Our in house training includes a variety of fields, such as powers of arrest, observation and report, communication, bag and body search, CPR/first aid, trespass, and safety. 

    Also, our security guards receive ongoing training internally on more specific topics. Subject to your preference, our guards can wear a casual polo, professional Business shirt, industrial Hi-Vis, or corporate suit. 

    Subject to the security services you need, Security guards can be placed at a front door for larger organisations to oversee your main entry point. We can also facilitate security services for mobile patrols, shopping centre’s, religious places of worship, universities, gated communities, parking lots, apartment buildings, art galleries, hospitals and many more critical venues. 

    If you believe your current security model needs improvement, then 4Front Security would like an opportunity to conduct a security assessment. 4Front Security will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your property’s safety and security. Our experienced team will evaluate your current security program and provide recommendations. 

    Our licensed, professional security guards provide manpower, combined with cutting edge technology for:

    • Commercial and office buildings
    • Manufacturing plants and warehouses
    • Schools, colleges and universities
    • Gated communities
    • Hospitals and health care facilities
    • Special events
    • Construction sites
    • Shopping centres and retail stores
    • Hotels and motels
    • Financial institutions

    scope of work

    4Front Security conducts Guard services, Event Security, Crowd control, RSA and Mobile patrols, as well as security consulting.

    4Front Security is able to tailor business requirements so that they are suited to each individual client’s needs in delivering the most effective security solutions.

    Key Processes

    In addition to required Qualifications set by the NSW Security industry Security Licensing & Enforcement Directorate (SLED), all 4Front Security Guards must complete superior in-house training.

    Every member of our team undergoes ongoing training to match the increasing standards we place on them.



    To be a leader in the Security industry by providing enhanced services, relationships,s and affordability.


    To provide quality services that exceed the expectations of our esteemed customers.


    To build long-term relationships with our customers and clients while providing exceptional customer service by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.

    Core Values

    We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith. We grow through creativity, invention, and innovation. We integrate honesty, integrity, and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.


    Regional expansion in the Security Field and developing a strong base of key customers. Increase the assets and investments of the company to support the development of services. To build a good reputation in the Security field and become a key player in the industry.


    • 4Front Security is a Fully Licensed and Accredited security company in NSW committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations with over 15 years of experience in the Security Industry. We proudly employ a team of licensed and dedicated security guards.
    • Our security guards not only deter crimes like vandalism, theft and trespassing, but they also secure entrances and exits, verify identification, conduct inductions, welcome and direct customers.
    • 4Front security guards protect your business, property, employees, and customers so that you can concentrate on your event, business, and daily life. Regardless of what industry you’re in or what you need to protect, we can provide professional security personnel to meet your needs. Our clients are consistently satisfied with our personnel.
    • When our staff is onsite, you can rest assured that your security needs are being met.

    Corporate Security Australia

    corporate security australia

    1300 233 684

    Rated one of the best security companies in Sydney

    Reliable and experienced Security Company is offering Security Guard Hire Sydney for all your private, event & commercial security needs.

    Security Guard Hire Company

    Recognised as one of Sydney’s best security companies,

    If you’re looking for security guards in Sydney or any other state, simply get in touch for a free quote

    In business for 8+ years

    Commercial security services

    We offer a range of security services, commercial security for businesses being one. Do you need reliable, licensed security guards to protect your assets, sites & staff safe from liability & harm? Get in touch with our commercial security company for a free quote now.

    Protect you anywhere

    Event security services

    Looking for an experienced Sydney event security company? Looking for event security guards for your next private or corporate event? With 8+ years of experience, our Sydney Event Security Company has you covered, Australia-Wide. Find out more right now or get in touch.

    We offer 24/7 security

    Private security services

    Looking for a Private Security Company that can offer private security services, personal security guards, bodyguard hire, residential security hire & more..? Our experienced security team has you covered, Australia Wide. Find out more, or get in touch right now for a free quote.

    About Corporate Security Australia & How We Launched

    01. Where are we located?

    We’re a Sydney based security company that offers security guard hire Australia-Wide.

    02. Security Services Offered

    We offer a multitude of security guard hire services, but to simplify it, we specialise in “commercial, event & private security services”.

    03. Security Guard Costs

    Security guard hire costs can range from $33-$65 an hour, depending on multiple other factors. Simply get in touch for a free quote.

    04. How much notice is required?

    We usually need 1 -7 days’ notice, depending on your security solution needs. The sooner you get in touch, the better.

    Ensure the peace of Your Family, Events & Commercial Sites.

    Hello… did you know that we genuinely care? We do. We like what we do, and we built this business so we can help protect our community from risk, liability & harm.

    All of our guards are licensed with years of experience, and we will work with you to dispatch the type of guard that you need.

    Just get in touch, and let’s have a chat.

    Always Synergy - Security Guard Company Sydney

    always synergy security guard company sydney

    1300 479 634

    Always Synergy has been providing professional Security and Training services in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria and the ACT for over 15 years. And is an NSW & QLD Government Approved Service provider. We are also a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

    When you contact Always Synergy, you are buying quality and reliability.

    Whether your need is immediate, temporary or long-term, Always Synergy provides professional, experienced and competent personnel to achieve and align with your security needs. Always Synergy provides comprehensive security solutions to encompass all aspects of your security requirements.



    There are many advantages to working with Always Synergy, such as an excellent reputation, quality security guards and staff training and award-winning customer service.

    However – the biggest advantage you gain working with Always Synergy is our people. Our personnel take your business security as seriously as you do to ensure all your needs are met.

    Why might I need security?

    • Professional PR Service
    • A Visible Security Presence
    • Deter Criminals
    • Protection for Staff, Clients and Property
    • Reduce Damage and Vandalism
    • Legal/Licensing Requirement
    • Emergency Security Response

    Our security services include…

    • Static Security Guards
    • Dedicated Patrol Officers
    • Crowd Control Personnel
    • Security Event Staff
    • Concierge/Reception Personnel
    • Loss Prevention Officers
    • Close Personal Protection
    • Bodyguard Operatives
    • Mobile Patrols


    Whether your need is immediate, temporary or long-term, Always Synergy provides professional, experienced and competent personnel to achieve and align with your security needs. Always Synergy provides comprehensive security solutions to encompass all aspects of your security requirements.

    Citiguard Security Guard Company Sydney

    citiguard security guard company sydney

    1300 662 463

    Dependable Security Services in Sydney

    Citiguard provides security services for homes, businesses and the government. We have been doing this since 1966. Furthermore, we are 100% Australian. Our strength lies in our proven track record of delivery of quality security service solutions, also, with over 50 years of experience as a security agency for home, companies and government premises in Sydney and Australia. Our service includes alarm systems, security guard hire, monitoring and additionally CCTV. We are also based in Sydney based.

    Security Guard Hire

    Citiguard Protection Services, Sydney, has over 50 years of experience as a security agency, our security guard hire service draws from this experience to offer security guard services you can depend on. Any security officer employed by us is fully qualified and licensed. The guards must also hold a current First Aid Certificate and an OH&S Green Card.

    You can hire a private security officer on a permanent or short-term basis. Citiguard offers guard services for your Events/Parties and Commercial and Business guards.

    Party & Event Security Guards

    Do you have a special event or party on your calendar, and the day is fast approaching? There’s one vital aspect you must address, which is security for the event. Having Citiguard Party/ Event Guard’s at your next event will ensure your guests receive quality, effective protection and enhance your integrity as an event facilitator at the same time.

    Commercial & Business Security Guards

    Citiguard offers Commercial & Business guards for a variety of businesses, large commercial operations, government agencies and construction sites in Sydney. An alarm, CCTV or access control system is necessary and effective for many business security situations. But, it cannot understand human behaviour, while a security guard can.

    Security Guards Hire Services

    We can hire a security guard for any of the following services:

    • Uniformed Guards / Plain Clothes Security Officer
    • Store Security Officer, Loss Prevention officer
    • Bodyguard
    • Business Security Officer
    • Mobile Security Patrols
    • Venue Crowd Controllers
    • Event Security Guards
    • Concierge Service
    • Gatekeeper
    • Construction Site Security Officer
    • Emergency or Casual Security guard
    • Building Management
    • Traffic Controller
    • Static Security Guard
    • Party Security Guards

    As you would expect from a trusted security company with over 50 years experience, our security guards are highly trained professionals.

    Our pricing is extremely competitive, and you can hire a security guard or hire several with as little as one hour’s notice.

    About CitiGuard Protection Services

    Our company mission focus is to secure companies, people, home, house, property and also information. Additionally, we protect from crime, fire, and other risks. While our clients include thousands of home & business clients across Sydney.

    Citiguard also provides quality, affordable and reliable security systems. Our installers and mobile patrol officers are highly skilled.

    At Citiguard, we believe our ability to provide the best quality services at an affordable price is the true test of professionalism. Therefore, if we don’t perform at a level to meet your expectation, we lose you as a client, we haven’t been around for 50 years by losing clients.

    So should you require a home alarm system for your house or a company security system, back to base monitoring, guard hire, mobile patrols or any of our many areas of expertise.

    Rather than wait, contact our professional team today. I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised. To protect your home, company and valuables is our first and last concern.

    Mark Pendergast

    Managing Director

    CitiGuard Protection Services

    Pinnacle Protection - Security Guard Company Sydney

    pinnacle protection security guard company sydney

    (02) 8959 9433

    A Reputable Security Service Company In Sydney

    Here at Pinnacle Protection, we are proud of our high-quality security providers and have supplied professional security and training services in Sydney, Illawarra, Wollongong, the Northern Beaches and the Newcastle region for over 20 years.

    We offer a wide range of security services and solutions to our clients who require security for their buildings, facilities, patrons, events, and more. Our security personnel are fully qualified and have amazing customer service skills to assist you in any job. When it comes to security companies in Sydney, we draw a clear line with our customer-orientated approach to make sure you receive only the best and are pleased with our impact. Like our company motto states, we are committed to “protecting relationships”.

    Some of the security services we specialise in include:

    • Alarm response services
    • Mobile patrol & event security services
    • CCTV Camera Installation & monitoring
    • Corporate building security
    • Armed security guards

    Pinnacle Protection Security Features

    24/7 Support

    Receive trusted support around the clock at any time and place.

    Skilled Guards

    Guards have strong communication skills, great experience and the right certifications to work in a range of work environments.

    Premium Service

    High-quality personalised service catering to your circumstances.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Transparency with our clients through regular dialogue and reporting with our clients ensures targets are met, and relationships are protected.

    Who We Are?

    Pinnacle Protection has been providing a wide range of professional security services for homes, schools, businesses and government for over 20 years. During this time, we have provided services across Sydney, Wollongong, Illawarra, the Newcastle region and the Northern Beaches and built a strong relationship with our clients.

    Some of the security services we specialise in include:

    • Alarm response services
    • Mobile patrol & event security services
    • CCTV Camera Installation & monitoring
    • Corporate building security
    • Armed security guards
    • Private investigators
    • School security guards
    • Manpower Services
    • Construction sites security
    • Drone Security
    • Risk Management Security Services
    • Industrial Security Services
    • Retail Security Solutions & Concierge Security
    • Home Security Systems

    We also provide special security training to our clients and their staff on how to remain vigilant, identify and mitigate any security threats.


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